Very often the focus is on praying for seminarians / religious. This is a good thing to do, and we encourage it always. However, we also recognise that there are real people involved in the formation process, who carry a great burden of responsibility towards the seminarians / religious. They too are prone to fatigue and human frailties as anybody else. We therefore encourage you, if you are concerned for a superior / rector or any member of staff to submit a rosary request on their behalf.

Our ministry is already blessed with a dedicated weekly prayer meetings for priests throughout Ireland care of St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society. The members of this society will gladly pray for seminarians in formation. We also have a list of our own members whose sole aim is to pray specifically for seminarians and their formation staff. Your Rosary request will be given passed on to both our members and those of the St. Joseph’s Young Priest Society. They in turn who will lead the rosary for whom ever you feel might need intercession from Our Blessed Mother at this time. Fill in the details in our contact form, and we will do the rest.