Our aims are to build up a network of prayerful people willing to adopt a seminarian in prayer. We also encourage Mass intentions for adopted seminarians, brothers; seminary staff, spiritual directors, vocation directors and counselors.

St. John Vianney is patron saint of priests and St. Charles Borromeo of seminarians. We ask both St. John & St. Charles to intercede, that Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, may offer protection & well being to all ordained priests, seminarians, and brothers.

We believe it is of the utmost importance to ensure Ireland and the world have sufficient ordained and faithful orthodox clergy in line with the Magisterium. This is an apostolate of prayer to surround the seminarians with graces every day.

We recognize that our efforts are not against men, but against the principalities of darkness. Praying for an adopted seminarian or religious is a noble thing, and we encourage all supporters to take a step further. We encourage having Mass said for the wider connected seminary or monastery community. In this way, you will help restore weakened areas of priestly / religious training within the formation process. It will also create a paternal environment for seminarians and religious to live, work & study.

Video published 2009 – the year of priests…

We ask St. John Vianney & St. Charles Borromeo to intercede for our adopted seminarians and religious, and for the grace of office on those whose task it is to form or oversee the formation process of seminarians and religious.

St. John & St. Charles
Pray for us.

light a cande for a seminarian